Cwmcrwth Farm is a small working farm home to a selection of native and rare breed animals.

Children can get close to all the animals , learn how to look after them and help Farmer Rob feed them.



Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs


The Oxford Sandy and Black pig is a traditional rare breed which neared extinction 20 years ago. Well recognised for its mothering skills and calm temperament and its ability to deal with all types of conditions make it an ideal pig for Cwmcrwth Farm. Docile with visitors to the point of friendliness means even children can enter pens with the large boars.



Highland Cattle


Highland Cattle are one of Britain’s oldest, most distinctive, and best known breeds, with a long, thick, flowing coat and large horns. Originating from Western Scotland they are ideally suited to the Welsh weather and habitat.

The Cwmcrwth Fold consists of Wallace our black bull, Poppy, Morag, Agnes, Maggie Mae and Maisie our beautiful cows, 5 calves, 1 heifer and 5 beef steers

Very popular with guests to watch and photograph and help comb!



Cotswold Sheep


Cotswold sheep were introduced to the UK by the Romans and were reknown for their beautiful thick wool known as the ‘Golden Fleece’  giving them their shaggy appearance. Today Cotswold’s are classified as a rare breed.


Our small Towy Flock of registered Ewes and Rams are predominantly kept for maintenance of the meadows and breeding. Guests love to visit at Easter and watch lambing live in our barn.





We have one Angora goat and a small herd of Golden Guernsey goats both rare breeds. The goats love to be bucket fed by the children and enjoy a walk around the farm with the Junior Farmers.


The Golden Guernsey goat is indigenoue to Guernsey but has been saved from extinction by breeding on mainland Britain.


The Angora goat is an ancient breed and generally bred for its fleece. Mohair is a soft, lustrous and hard wearing fibre used in fine clothing.


At Easter visitors can watch the goats give birth and so far we have been blessed with twins each year.



Buff Orpington Chickens


We keep a selection of chickens for a regular supply of eggs including rehomed  warrens from a commercial Free Range farm. Others include Welsummers and Cream Legbar who lay blue eggs but Farmer Rob’s favourite are the majestic Buff Orpington Chickens.


Each Easter we hatch eggs and the children love to handle the chicks and watch them grow.