Animal Feeding Rounds with Farmer Rob

Animal Feeding Rounds  with Farmer Rob are the highlight for children of all ages on a family holiday at Cwmcrwth Farm.

Animal Feeding Rounds

Farmer Rob loves having help from parents and children with his animal feeding rounds in the mornings. He starts about 8.30am on weekdays, 8am on Saturday and 9.30am on Sunday. Feeding rounds take place every day from February Half Term through to mid November and last about an hour. For stays from From November to February please enquire about prior to booking to avoid disappointment.


Hands on with the Animals

We tend to follow the same general routine during animal feeding rounds to help build the children’s confidence during their stay. Starting with the smaller animals in pets corner. Here children and adults are able to stroke the rabbits, feel their whiskers and touch a chicken’s feathers and crown. If they are very brave they can hold the bantam chickens Esmerelda, Clementine and Molly.


Depending on the time of year you visit we may have lambs to bottle feed. Bottle feeding the lambs is a huge hit. The children quickly choose their favourite lamb, giving it a name and cuddling it throughout their stay. As our lambs are generally from quads or triplets their sizes vary making them ideal for toddlers to teenagers. Come in mid March to mid May for bottle feeding. From mid April we begin halter training the lambs and then it’s time for “lamb on a lead” when the children love leading their lamb to the field each morning.


Farmer Rob’s favourite animals are pigs and he loves the rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. Four 10 week old weaners have just arrived at the farm to start a new herd. Probably too large to cwtch but they love to snuffle your wellies. You can help feed them and clean out their pen. They will soon be friendly enough to feel their course hair, give them a tickle and even touch their curly tails.


If the chickens are feeling generous they may lay eggs to collect for breakfast. Children love opening the nest box to see who has laid an egg but only after they have let the chickens out for a run and fed them a tasty breakfast.


We have 4 rare breed Golden Guernsey goats named Heidi, Daisy, Euan and Freddie who love to feed from buckets and on dry days we lead them out to the field. While our new pygmy nanny with her cute little kid are just the right size for the smaller children to bucket feed and stroke.


Millie and Dom are always hungry. On dry days the children lead them to the field and on wet days we feed them in their stable or barn. In addition the children get the chance to groom the donkeys and catch a ride one morning.


Farmer Rob also takes the children to visit the Highland Cattle one morning. They get up close and sometimes they get chance to comb their long hair.


If the children work hard there might even be a quad bike or tractor ride thrown in!